More Great Quotes Concerning Biblical Geocentricity

“Einstein and Shankland, however, insist on a theory that keeps the sun fixed in the center of the universe. And just as some of today’s top physicists and astronomers may know better, none dare to openly oppose the Copernican system as presented in Einstein’s relativity.”                   – Gerardus Bouw

The theory of a fixed sun with a revolving earth was called: “docta ignorantia,” (learned ignorance)            -Cardinal Cuza 1480

“We wouldn’t know truth if it jumped up and bit us in the [behind]. We’re probably fairly good at recognizing what’s false, and that’s what science does on a day-to-day basis, but we can’t claim to identify truth.”                     -Steven M. Holland

“…the tail is just as capable of wagging the dog in science as anywhere else.”        -Robert Laughlin

“The common idea that scientists reject a theory as soon as it leads to a contradiction is just not so.  When they get something that works at all they plunge ahead with it and ignore its weak spots …scientists are just as bad as the rest of the public in following fads and being influenced by mass enthusiasm.”                    -Vannevar Bush

“It is not uncommon for engineers to accept the reality of phenomena that are not yet understood, as it is very common for physicists to disbelieve the reality of phenomena that seem to contradict contemporary beliefs in physics.”      -Henry H. Bauer

“Hypothesis…establishes itself by a cumulative process…if you make the same guess often enough it ceases to be a guess and becomes ascientific fact.”                                    -C. S. Lewis

“Next in line are the scientists…they feel that they are the only men with any wisdom, and all other men float about as shadows….They cannever explain why they always disagree with each other on every subject…knowing nothing in general they profess to know everything in particular.”                   -Desiderius Erasmus

“Scientists…are used to dealing with doubt and uncertainty. All scientific knowledge is uncertain…. Science alone of all the subjects contains within itself the lesson of the danger of belief in the infallibility of the greatest teachers in the preceding generation…. Learn from science that you must doubt the experts…Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”                -Richard Feynman

“How would this Marxist revolutionary emotion and vision be expressed…in the mind of a young ‘revolutionary genius’ in physics? The emotions that gave rise to sociological relativity might then seek to express themselves in a physical relativity; transposed and projected upon the study of the physical world, they would issue in an overthrow of absolute space and time, and in a conception of the relativity of length and time measurements to the observer’s state of motion.”         -Lewis Samuel Feuer

“…by the reading of David Hume’s and Ernst Mach’s philosophical writing….It is very well possible that without these philosophical studies I would not have arrived at the special theory of relativity.”                               -Albert Einstein

“The movement of the planets cannot take place according to the system of Copernicus.”  -August Tischner

“The Copernican intuition of the world … was rejected by thinking men at its very birth, and still now is attacked repeatedly; even genuine astronomers admit it but as a hypothesis. The proper movement of the sun having been discovered, however, the Copernican intuition of the world has become a curiosity, a folly of the spirits of the age, for after the general movement of all heavenly bodies without any exception has been acknowledged, there is required an exaggerated dose of imagination to conceive the sun as immoveable or ‘at rest’.”          -August Tischner

“I have known, too, for a long time, that we have no arguments for the Copernican system, but I shall never dare to be the first to attack it. Don’t rush into the wasps’ nest. You will but bring upon yourself the scorn of the thoughtless multitude. If once a famous astronomer arises against the present conception, I will communicate, too, my observations, but to come forth as the first against opinions, which the world has become fond of, I don’t feel the courage.”   – Alexander V. Humboldt

“To avow that one is wrong, is to prove modestly that one has become reasonable.”     -Swift

“The sun, eternally moving in the universe, carries with him his system, the planets etc.; none of the appertaining bodies can remain behind, all must follow the sun with the same velocity, without regard to their circulation, without regard to their own movement. While the planets are following the sun, they make curves of revolution. The sun advancing, no planet can precede or move in front of him in his path or orbit. If the sun is moving, there are no closed orbits reentering into themselves, nor planes of orbit.”    -August Tischner

“Now indeed each school master, according to hearsay, teaches that the earth moves around the sun, without thinking in the least about exerting himself and his scholars to perceive the planetary movement.”                        -Carl V. Raumer

“You and the world in general are in error: never yet has any real astronomer spoken of a Copernican system, we only know a Copernican hypothesis. …if Littrow and Madler instill superstition into the people by selling hypothesis for truth, that is their affair.  – Lamont, director of the observatory in Munich

“The doubter approached astronomer Gauss, in Gottingen, Germany. He told him of his having found, that all great thinkers, such as Schelling or Hegel, had criticized the transcendental suppositions of the Copernicans, while only little spirits and uneducated folk claim the right of not only scorning as a fool, but even persecuting with wild fanaticism, him, who did not agree with the chorus of general opinion. Gauss avowed to the doubter that every new discovery in astronomy filled him with new doubts about the dominant system.”                                   –August Tischner

“In their over 700-page book, Galileo Was Wrong, Drs. Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett make a convincing case for the special and central position of the earth in the cosmos, both physically and spiritually. This is, of course, radically at odds from what everyone is taught from childhood; everyone “knows” the earth revolves around the sun. However, from time to time, like the little girl in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Emperor’s New Clothes, accepted “wisdom” is challenged; and what everyone “knows” to be true turns out to be merely a concocted fantasy. Drs. Sungenis and Bennett make a powerful case that the “truths” of heliocentric and acentric cosmologies aiming to describe the “fabric” of spacetime may in fact be constructed out of the same type of “cloth” as the outfit of the Emperor. Admirably presented in a format accessible to a scientific layman, the authors dismantle “proofs” of the earth’s motion such as Foucault’s pendulum, stellar parallax, and stellar aberration. In exhaustive detail, the authors also present the results from modern physics (such as interferometer experiments) and astronomical observations, suggesting that in fact the position of the earth may be where it was held to be prior to the “Copernican revolution”; namely, the unmoving center of the universe. The authors provide quotes from eminent cosmologists admitting that this cannot be refuted by observation but is only rejected on philosophical grounds, and raise the disturbing possibility that part of modern cosmology and physics, including Relativity Theory, has been invented out of “whole cloth” precisely to avoid the philosophical implications of a universe with a motionless earth at the center.”   – Vincent J. Schmithorst,

“The confrontation between Galilei and the Catholic Church is consistently portrayed as a sort of David and Goliath struggle, where truth ultimately triumphs. When this episode is examined in greater detail, however, a different picture starts to emerge, as so often is the case with many things that we are taught as being fact. If there exists an obligation upon each of us to think and to reason for ourselves, then it follows that there is also an obligation upon those who are able to conduct independent research to publish that research, no matter what ridicule and trouble is then heaped upon them for doing so. For unfortunately, in this Orwellian age of enlightenment in which we find ourselves, the Emperor’s New Clothes fable has gone from being an amusing insight into human nature to a dangerous psychological weapon, with those who openly question and explore ruling paradigms being branded as extremists, fundamentalists, or conspiracy theorists.”    – Neville Thomas Jones

“Ironically, aerospace engineers assume an ‘earth-centered, earth-fixed’ coordinate system when launching and flying satellites. The Global Positioning System (GPS) does the same for navigation on earth and in space.”     -Joseph A. Strada

“Once upon a time, there was a big bang. It filled the sky with debris that formed into stars and planets. One planet developed a special slime that brought forth plants, animals, and men. The men became wise and discovered the truths of the universe. Or did they? Fairy tales have their place, but they should not be confused with science. Why has speculation come to replace observation as the basis of science?             -Anonymous, Ph.D. MIT

“Generally speaking, there are also other issues. A fully open epistemology accepts more sources of truth than does science, such as divine revelation. Whenever revelation – which is the word of the infinitely simple God – overlaps science, it trumps Occam’s Razor. Science ignores this freely given gift of truth at the risk of giving an unnatural interpretation of nature. Occam’s razor is often implicit in many interpretations of modern science when an effect/experiment can be explained by more than one cause. No more is this true than in saying the stars are fixed and not rotating, since the opposite view requires that the entire cosmos is focused on Earth, as Scripture describes. To be geocentric is to be theocentric, a challenge of faith that modernists will not accept.”     –Robert Bennett

“Those who study the stars, have God for a teacher.”                                                             -Unknown