The “Disposable” Doctrine of Geocentricity & Galileo Galilei  

While hosting a recent pastors conference at our church, where Dr. Gerardus Bouw (the webmaster of was going to be speaking, a man took me aside privately and expressed concern that I had asked Dr. Bouw to be our speaker.

Apparently, a “Friend” had become quite indignant and became insistent that if Dr. Bouw was going to speak, this man, and his entourage should immediately leave the premises and not hear Dr. Bouw’s talk. I assured the man of no ill intent and that there was no one demanding any allegiance to any Bible doctrine that one has not ever heard or studied before. I informed him of how recently I had even rediscovered this ancient, seemingly “disposable,” Bible doctrine of Geocentricity. I asked the man to please stay, and that I would announce that there would be no public invitations or demands of anybody to change their beliefs, but to please stay and hear Dr. Bouw’s presentation. He assured me that he thought I should announce such, and that he would stay. I thanked him and then upon entering our dining area for breakfast, noticed the man consulting with his friend until quickly thereafter, this friend immediately left the premises.

I was reminded, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth.”

What a sad state of affairs and how narrow must one be, (Jude 19) that today, in the Twenty-first Century, evil is now considered good, and good evil; that even “fundamental Bible believing” ministers consider “Copernican Heliocentricity (the sun is fixed at the center of the solar system with the earth revolving around the sun) as orthodoxy” and Biblical Geocentricity, (the earth is fixed and the planets travel around the sun as it travels around the earth) “heresy.” Is the Bible doctrine of God’s geocentric universe something we can dispose of to make our gospel more “appealing” to the evolutionary mindset of our hearers?

No one in all of history has ever proven, by any scientific experiment, that the Earth spins in space. Despite his protestations to the contrary, the historical record reveals that Galileo Galilei had no proof for his controversial assertions. He was now using a telescope and, at first, agreed with Copernicus that the earth revolved around a fixed sun. Living 200 years after Copernicus, what he purported as proof in his day, such as the tides being proof of a “sloshing” water movement on a revolving earth would be laughed out of science classrooms today. Galileo merely began a myth. A myth that eventually took on a life of its own and became the status quo of popular thinking. With the dawn of the industrialization of the world, and with “scientific” instruments like telescopes, surely the earth is just another planet (wonderer) that travels around the sun. A year before he died, Galileo renounced, quite dramatically, all his claims that the Earth went around the sun – a fact of history which has been kept well under wraps by the reigning powers of academia.

As Lincoln Barnett wrote in  The Universe and Dr. Einstein, p. 73.(an honest scientist whose book was endorsed by Einstein): “…nor has any physical experiment ever proved that the Earth actually is in motion.”

Once an honest, studious and open minded analysis is made of the scientific evidence, one will be able to see that the Holy Spirit was, and is indeed, guiding the Church of yesteryear and today, to censor Copernicanism and, in turn, insist that we take Scripture’s propositions at face value. Without

scientific proof for Heliocentrism, today’s Church is under no obligation to entertain it as more than a curious hypothesis, and, consequently, she is neither under divine compulsion nor can she claim any justifiable reason to abandon the literal interpretation of Scripture.

We only ask that you, the reader, contemplate the issue with an open mind. All too often when controversial subjects of this nature arise, those who wish to protect the status quo are quick to demonize their opponents, choosing instead to associate them with such institutions as the “Flat earth society,” or characterize them as geeks who don tinfoil hats and receive messages from outer space. Hopefully, you will not fall into that trap of bigotry and censorship. In a more succinct yet blunt manner of speaking, perhaps the Copernican revolution has done what Slote once said to Natalie in The Winds of War: “Christianity is dead and rotting since Galileo cut its throat.”

Galileo’s Conversion to Geocentrism

Although it will certainly come as a shock to most people, one very important reason we argue against heliocentrism is that we are revealing the wishes of none other than Galileo himself. Unbeknownst to almost every modern reader, and even most historians, is the fact that just one year prior to his death Galileo made it very clear to his former allies where he now stood on the subject of cosmology.

On the 29th of March 1641, Galileo responded to a letter that he received from his colleague Francesco Rinuccini. Galileo wrote: “The falsity of the Copernican system should not in any way be called into question, above all, not by Catholics, since we have the unshakeable authority of the Sacred Scripture, interpreted by the most erudite theologians, whose consensus gives us certainty regarding the stability of the Earth, situated in the center, and the motion of the sun around the Earth. The conjectures employed by Copernicus and his followers in maintaining the contrary thesis are all sufficiently rebutted by that most solid argument deriving from the omnipotence of God. He is able to bring about in different ways, indeed, in an infinite number of ways, things that, according to our opinion and observation, appear to happen in one particular way. We should not seek to shorten the hand of God and boldly insist on something beyond the limits of our competence…. D’Arcetri, March 29, 1641. I am writing the enclosed letter to Rev. Fr. Fulgenzio, from whom I have heard no news lately. I entrust it to Your Excellency to kindly make sure he receives it.”

This letter has been obscured from the public’s eye for the last four centuries. As Galileo historian, Klaus Fischer, has admitted: “The ruling historiographers of science cannot be freed from the reproach that they have read Galileo’s writings too selectively.” Fortunately, Galileo’s retraction managed to escape censorship and find its way among the rest of his letters in the twenty volume compendium Le Opere di Galileo Galilei finally published in 1909 with a reprint in Florence in 1968.

Centuries prior to its publication, there was a concerted effort by either Rinuccini or someone behind the scenes to cover up the fact that the letter was, indeed, written and sent by Galileo. We know this to be the case since a rather obvious attempt was made to erase Galileo’s name as the signatory of the letter. The compiler of the original letter makes this startling notation: “The signature ‘Galileo Galilei’ has been very deliberately and repeatedly rubbed over, with the manifest intention of rendering it illegible.”

Stillman Drake, one of the top Galileo historians in the world, noticed the subterfuge and commented: “Among all Galileo’s surviving letters, it is only this one on which his name at the end was scratched out heavily in ink. I presume that Rinuccini valued and preserved Galileo’s letters no matter what they said, but did not want others to see this declaration by Galileo that the Copernican system was false, lest he be thought a hypocrite.”

Judging from the contents of his letter to Rinuccini, for quite some time it seems that Galileo had been contemplating the problems inherent in the Copernican system, as well as his desire to convert back to an Earth-centered cosmology. The wording in his letter is rather settled and direct as it does not reflect someone who is confused or equivocating. It holds the convictions of a man who has been swept off his feet by a more convincing position. Hence, far from being a hero of modern cosmology, shortly before his death Galileo had become its worst adversary – a fact of history that has been either quietly ignored or deliberately suppressed.

            But soon the Renaissance would be in full sway, and with the rediscovery of the light of the scripture in the hands of the individual soul, the oppression of the one thousand year reign of the Roman Catholic church, would soon be over. This is the reason for the name “Dark Ages.” From 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. the Roman Catholic cult would rule with an iron fist. As many no longer needed the church to interpret the Bible because men could now read it for themselves, no doubt, this caused many to discount wholesale every practice and belief of the state church, thus, quite easily, throwing out “the baby” with the “wash water.”

The modern contemporary compromiser can dispose of this old doctrine of Geocentricity, maintained by the early church, and Christians, and because “it is more important to know how to go the heaven, than to know how the heavens go.” But I say, “Not so!” For you see, if with your eyes you can observe the sun and moon rise and fall from the east to the west each day and night, and yet deny what you experience and instead in your mind, tell your brain the myth and lie that it is only an illusion, then I am sure that if you saw water falling from the clouds you would not have enough common sense to come in out of the rain. Because out here in the streets and in the real world these same educated individuals DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN! (It is also significant that you realize most of the poor and simple inhabitants of the world today still believe in a fixed earth. Only in the major cities of the world where the myth of evolution reigns and the media enforces humanism to discredit a belief in the God of the Bible, this is where and why the earth must not be fixed!)

God promised: “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings” (Malachi 4:2). So, I ask you this simple question. Did the Lord Jesus Christ actually arise, or did it just merely “appear” that He arose from the dead?

Editor DMH