Fables and Facts about Creation and Evolution


Textbooks and encyclopedias throughout the world promote Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as a scientific fact, yet this theory has never been proven.  In fact, as the years roll by, more and more evidence is being gathered in favor of special creation.  Friend, have you fallen for one of the biggest fables of our time, the notion that men have evolved over millions of years from lower life forms?  If so, please keep reading and learn a few facts that your professor probably didn’t mention.


FABLE: The creation-evolution issue is an issue between religion and science.

FACT: Evolutionists want you to believe that their view is scientific and that creation isn’t.  Evolution has never been proven by experimentation and observation, so it is not a scientific view.  Evolution is just as religious as Creation because both views require faith on the part of their adherents.  No one saw God create the universe, and no one saw the “big bang” occur.  Both views are religious as far as origins are concerned.


FABLE: Much scientific evidence has been brought forth in recent years in support of evolution.

 FACT: Every piece of evidence produced by evolutionists amounts to conjecture, not provable facts.  In reality, the true evidence supports creation, not evolution.


FABLE: God used evolution to fill the earth with its numerous life forms.

 FACT: The God of the Bible gave specific details of His creation, and these details contradict evolutionary theory over and over again.  God’s word says that God created the earth and all that is therein in six literal days.  Life forms were ordained to reproduce after their own kinds, and no new life was created after the sixth day (Gen. 1-2).  This wholly contradicts the evolution theory which has life continuously evolving with new species being produced by natural processes.


FABLE: Many remains of prehistoric animals have been found which prove the Bible’s young earth record to be inaccurate.

FACT: The word “prehistoric” didn’t exist before the evolutionists invented it to mislead millions of people.  All animal remains ever found on earth are the remains of animals which lived from the time of their creation in Genesis 1 until now.  None are “prehistoric,” and no scientist can prove otherwise.


FABLE: Scientists have proven the universe to be billions of years old.

 FACT: Scientists have proven nothing of the kind.  They want the universe to be billions of years old because this allows plenty of time for working in Darwin’s theory of evolution.  There are many scientists who do not believe the earth to be over several thousand years old, and there is much evidence to support this as fact.


FABLE: The geologic column shows a gradual evolution from simple life forms to complex life forms over millions of years.

 FACT: The “geologic column” exists only in the minds of evolutionists and in the books they write.  This column is nothing more than a fictional chart filled with impressive little pictures and big words.  The chart is only a theory because it has never been proven scientifically.

The simplest life forms are placed at the bottom of the chart because they represent fossils which have been found in the deepest strata.  This much is true, but then the fables begin.  The deepest strata is presumed to be the oldest strata (never proven), and the various layers of strata represent hundreds of millions of years (never proven).

The fact is that the Genesis flood could have easily created every rock formation known to man, and the simplest life forms would naturally be found in the deepest strata because more intelligent life forms would have managed to survive the flood longer, thus being buried last.  Most of the “geologic column” was created in about one year (Gen. 6-8), not billions of years.


FABLE: Radioactive dating methods have proven the earth to be billions of years old.

FACT: Radioactive dating has proven to be unreliable time and time again. Some rocks in Russia have been radioactively dated at 100 million to 10 billion years, yet it is well known that these rocks were formed by volcanoes less that 200 years ago. Live mollusk shells have been dated up to 2,300 years old.  Basalt from Mt. Etna, Sicily was mis-dated by nearly 250,000 years.  Part of a baby frozen mammoth was dated at 40,000 years, while another part was found to be a much “younger” 26,000 years!  The wood found around it was estimated to be even younger–10,000 years or less.  Radioactive dating methods are anything but a proven science.


FABLE: Comparative anatomy shows that animals and humans have a common ancestor.

 FACT: Comparative anatomy shows that animals and humans have a common Designer. Evolutionists like to limit their comparisons to bone structures, but why stop there?  Clouds are 100% water, jelly fish are 98% water, and watermelons are 97% water.  Does this prove they all evolved from a common ancestor?

The kidney bean, the redwood tree and the opossum each have 22 chromosomes.  Second or third cousins, perhaps?

Humans have 46 chromosomes, which would make us near of kin to the bat (44) and tobacco (48).  With a few million years of gradual evolution, we might even catch up with the carp (100) or maybe even the fern (480).

The Darwinians like to compare humans and animals to show similarities, but they limit the comparisons to keep from looking foolish (Rom. 1:22). We have a common Creator and Designer, not a common ancestor.


FABLE: The existence of vestigial organs in humans is proof that we’ve evolved from lower life forms.

 FACT: Vestigial organs do not exist.  The so-called “vestigial organs” are believed by evolutionists to be parts of the human body that are no longer needed.  These body parts are presumed to be “leftovers” from our ancestors, the monkeys.  The organs include the appendix, the coccyx (tail bone), the pineal gland, the plica semilunaris, the tonsils, and the ear lobes.

Many medical doctors now agree that all of these organs have important functions in the human body and aren’t vestigial in any sense.  The appendix contains a rich blood supply which serves as some defense against cancer.  The tail bone isn’t where a monkey tail used to be, as Darwinians believe, but it instead provides support for the muscles which control elimination.  The pineal gland contains important hormones which the body needs.  The plica semilunaris helps to keep the eye cleansed of foreign particles.  The tonsils help to keep foreign particles out of your child’s throat, and they also help in fighting infection.  Even the ear lobe has a purpose, for it helps to keep our ears warm during cold weather by providing them with a good blood supply.  There are no vestigial organs.


FABLE: The findings of such “ape-men” as Java Man, Neanderthal Man and Lucy are proof that humans have evolved from apes.

 FACT: No one has ever found an “ape-man.”  A few examples will make our point.

In 1922, some bones were found in Nebraska by a man named Harold Cook.  After studying the upper and lower jaws and the teeth of some thirty different animals, a complete ape known as Ramapithecus was constructed.  The neatly drawn pictures in the textbooks give the impression that entire skeletons have been found, but this never happened.

Dr. Eugene Dubois discovered the famous Java Man (Pithecanthropus erectus) in 1891.  This “great discovery” consisted of a small piece of the top of a skull, a fragment of a left thigh bone, and three molar teeth.  But, instead of being found all together, these remains were found in an area of about seventy feet, and they were found over about a year’s time.  They were also found in an old river bed with other assorted extinct animal bones.  This, of course, presents a number of problems for Java Man.  How can the “experts” be so sure that these remains all came from the same being?  Better yet, how do such bones survive for 750,000 years without decaying?  Where’s the evidence to prove these theories?

Piltdown man was discovered by Charles Dawson in 1912.  Dawson claimed to have found some bones, some teeth, and even some primitive implements in a gravel pit in Piltdown, Sussex, England.  He took them to a British museum where anthropologists claimed that they were 500,000 years old.  Textbooks throughout the world then proclaimed Piltdown Man as the greatest find to date.  Then in October of 1956, Reader’s Digest EXPOSED this finding as “The Great Piltdown Hoax.”  The bones were found to be fraudulent.  The jaw bone was proven to have belonged to an ape which had died only FIFTY YEARS before (not 500,000).  The teeth had been filed down, and both, teeth and bones, had been discovered with bichromate of potash to cover up their true identity!  Piltdown Man is a fraud.

The so-called Neanderthal Man was discovered around 1900 in a cave in the Neanderthal Valley near Dusseldorf, Germany.  Naturally, he was hailed as another great “missing link.”  Since that time, it has been proven that Neanderthal wasn’t an ape-man at all.  He turned out to be a fully erect human being with a cranial capacity of over 13% more than that of normal man.  Today, he is classified as “Homo Sapiens” (completely human) by most all anthropologists.

Finally, we come to Lucy, a 40% skeleton found in Ethiopia by D.C. Johanson in the 70’s.  Johanson claimed that “Lucy” had walked on two legs, because of the “angle of the thigh bone and the flattened surface at it’s knee joint”  (National Geographic, December, 1976).  However, the knee joint was badly crushed;  so Johanson’s conclusion is mere speculation.  Anatomist Charles Oxnard said “Lucy” did NOT walk upright, at least not in the same manner as humans.  The chimpanzee does  spend some time walking upright, so this was probably just another ape.

There is simply no proof that apes have evolved into men.  Every time a case is presented it soon crumbles in the light of further research.  Only the evolutionists with their prejudiced theories cling to such weak “evidence.”

Friend, don’t be like so many others who have fallen for this great deception.  You and this entire universe were created by an all-powerful and all-wise God.  The Bible (KJV) is the most accurate text book and science book ever produced.  Read God’s word daily, and believe every word.  After all, “scientists” have been proven wrong time and time again.  The Bible has never been proven wrong.

Would you like to be saved? 

Friend, the false theory of evolution offers no real purpose in this life, and it offers no hope for an afterlife.  Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can truly give eternal life.  Do you know Him as your Lord and Saviour?

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