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Who Am I To Judge?

by David Ickes

Who Am I To Judge? In this day of Christian apostasy, one of the most twisted and contorted biblical concepts is that of the idea of judging. Are Christians forbidden to judge others? Is it somehow unchristian to judge? Is it mean spirited to judge others? If we are left to live with the opinions […]

The 3rd Commandment

by David Ickes

The 3rd Commandment The third commandment is one of the most misunderstood commandments of the ten commandments. The reason for this misunderstanding I believe stems from the ten commandments being taught in a watered down fashion. We have all seen the plaques or posters of the ten commandments which have them listed in a manner […]

The Truth Concerning the Christ Mass

by David Ickes

The Truth Concerning the Christ Mass This is such an emotional subject because of the nature of the Christmas season. Personally, I saw the light on the subject of Christmas about 10 years ago. I have gone through the struggles of angry family members questioning my sanity regarding this subject. I have experienced the loss […]

Forgiveness: Can We Forgive Without Repentance?

by David Ickes

Forgiveness: Can We Forgive Without Repentance? By Pastor David Ickes Forgiveness is a doctrine of the Bible which even lost people acknowledge. Religious and non-religious people speak of the need for forgiving. While it is great that all people recognize this fact, it is also true that a worldly interpretation of what forgiveness is and […]