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Astronauts & Cosmonauts concerning UFOs

by Dan Hardin

Astronauts & Cosmonauts concerning UFOs Do you believe in UFOs? You should! Jesus warned the Jews of His day: “It is written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.” (John 8:17) However, the Bible also warns that UFOs are associated with the Devil (see Zechariah  chapter 5). Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev “It […]

Erasmus the Ex-Roman Catholic!

by Dan Hardin

Erasmus the Ex-Roman Catholic! Debra E. Anderson’s article on THE VALIDITY OF THE RECEIVED TEXT unnecessarily maligns the character of Erasmus. She writes, “Critics believe that there is no single text which can validly claim the title ‘Received Text,’ that the text originated in the works of a Roman Catholic priest….”   “It must be acknowledged […]

The “Disposable” Doctrine of Geocentricity & Galileo Galilei

by Dan Hardin

The “Disposable” Doctrine of Geocentricity & Galileo Galilei   While hosting a recent pastors conference at our church, where Dr. Gerardus Bouw (the webmaster of was going to be speaking, a man took me aside privately and expressed concern that I had asked Dr. Bouw to be our speaker. Apparently, a “Friend” had become quite […]

The Heresy In “Heliocentricity”

by Dan Hardin Footage of Earth (Captured 03 10 09) The Heresy In “Heliocentricity”   (The theory that the sun = ‘Helios’ is the fixed center of our solar system.) From the very beginning, all men believed and understood that God created the universe and time. So that mankind might have a written account around 1500 B.C. God […]

Lucifer’s Largest Lie?

by Dan Hardin

Lucifer’s Largest Lie? One day Satan called four of his mightiest devils together for a meeting to discuss the very best possible lie to deceive individual men into going to Hell. “If I send you, what will you tell them they should do?” He asked. The first devil spoke and said, “Send me. And I […]

The Form and Freedom of the New Testament Church

by Dan Hardin

The Form and Freedom of the New Testament Church Near the end of the Twentieth Century, a pastor of a Bible Presbyterian Church, the late Dr. FRANCIS SCHAEFFER, wrote to warn Bible- believing Christians concerning what a church should be. He recognized that as the world was rushing headlong into a global new world order […]

What Are You Waiting For?

by Dan Hardin

What Are You Waiting For?  The Bible teaches that you may be “Sinning away your day of Grace,” and therefore, lose your opportunity to be saved from Hell! Many today have heard that the Bible teaches there is a day coming when Jesus will return in secret and catch away His church. Perhaps you are […]

Great Quotes Concerning Biblical Geocentricity

by Dan Hardin

Great Quotes Concerning Biblical Geocentricity “Go out on a starry night and walk alone for half an hour, resolutely assuming that the pre-Copernican astronomy (the earth is not moving, the sun & moon go around the earth) is true. Look up at the sky with that assumption in your mind. The real difference between living […]

More Great Quotes Concerning Biblical Geocentricity

by Dan Hardin

More Great Quotes Concerning Biblical Geocentricity “Einstein and Shankland, however, insist on a theory that keeps the sun fixed in the center of the universe. And just as some of today’s top physicists and astronomers may know better, none dare to openly oppose the Copernican system as presented in Einstein’s relativity.”                   – Gerardus Bouw The […]

Who Really Heads the Church?

by Dan Hardin

Who Really Heads The Church? (“Sharing” His Glory?) [Isaiah 42:8, 48:1] Choose you this day whom ye will serve…” “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Luke […]