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Who Am I To Judge?

by David Ickes

Who Am I To Judge? In this day of Christian apostasy, one of the most twisted and contorted biblical concepts is that of the idea of judging. Are Christians forbidden to judge others? Is it somehow unchristian to judge? Is it mean spirited to judge others? If we are left to live with the opinions […]

The 3rd Commandment

by David Ickes

The 3rd Commandment The third commandment is one of the most misunderstood commandments of the ten commandments. The reason for this misunderstanding I believe stems from the ten commandments being taught in a watered down fashion. We have all seen the plaques or posters of the ten commandments which have them listed in a manner […]

The Truth Concerning the Christ Mass

by David Ickes

The Truth Concerning the Christ Mass This is such an emotional subject because of the nature of the Christmas season. Personally, I saw the light on the subject of Christmas about 10 years ago. I have gone through the struggles of angry family members questioning my sanity regarding this subject. I have experienced the loss […]

Premillenialism – AD 300

by Gateway

On the Last Times, the Anti-Christ, and the End of the World A Sermon by Ephraem the Syrian, 306-373 A.D. Section 1 Dearly beloved brothers, believe the Holy Spirit who speaks in us. We have already told you that the end of the world is near, the consummation remains. Has not faith withered away among […]

The Form and Freedom of the New Testament Church

by Dan Hardin

The Form and Freedom of the New Testament Church Near the end of the Twentieth Century, a pastor of a Bible Presbyterian Church, the late Dr. FRANCIS SCHAEFFER, wrote to warn Bible- believing Christians concerning what a church should be. He recognized that as the world was rushing headlong into a global new world order […]

What Are You Waiting For?

by Dan Hardin

What Are You Waiting For?  The Bible teaches that you may be “Sinning away your day of Grace,” and therefore, lose your opportunity to be saved from Hell! Many today have heard that the Bible teaches there is a day coming when Jesus will return in secret and catch away His church. Perhaps you are […]

How Big Is Your God?

by Dan Hardin

How Big IS Your God? (Reflections on Joshua Chapter 10) The biggest problem with most professing Christians today (and preachers especially) is that their God is not very big! That is the reason that this chapter in the Bible is the most neglected of all. “So Joshua ascended from Gilgal, he, and all the people […]

Advanced Geocentricity

by Dan Hardin

ADVANCED GEOCENTRICITY (The idea that the earth is not spinning, but that the solar system is revolving around the earth, as established by God from the beginning.)  SCRIPTURAL SUPPORT: In Genesis 1:1 we read: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness […]

The Bible and Geocentricity

by Dan Hardin

THE BIBLE AND GEOCENTRICITY “The heliocentric theory, by putting the sun at the center of the universe, . . . made man appear to be just one of a possible host of wanderers drifting through a cold sky. It seemed less likely that he was born to live gloriously and to attain paradise upon his […]